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For Aghogho, the music journey started way back in her years of growing up as a child. A passion she shared with her mother who encouraged her to first focus on her academics, after which she could pursue her music passion.
As a child, she did listen to her mother while nurturing this talent in her local church.

As a gifted child, immediately she entered the university, she found her feet by joining the music team of her fellowship where she faithfully lent her talents and rose to the position of Music Director, after which she became a highly sought after gospel music solo artist on the university campus, where she made her mark.

After this she served faithfully at several Living Faith Church branches in Nigeria, leading God’s people in praise and worship through songs.

Aghogho later joined House on the Rock, the refuge, Abuja, Nigeria where her music career took a positive turn.

In 2018, she decided to record her first song ,Saviour & Friend, produced by Abuja – based seasoned producer, Greenwox. This project set in motion a career that will bless millions of people across the globe. She has since followed up that single with multiple songs that have received wide public reviews via television, radio airplays and other multimedia streams.

More than an artist, Aghogho is keen on using her wealth of experience as a certified Human Resources Professional, to influence people for positive impact and reach the unreached through several projects which she will be unveiling soon.

In such a short time of venturing into music ministry , Aghogho has made definite impact in so many ways than expected and there is no turning back for her as she continues to take on exceptionally great strides in the music industry and beyond.